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Our customers can look at different quotes for the jobs sitting at home. They won't have to visit addas to find diffrent trucks or inquire about their rates.

We will be providing them instant quotes online. The customers will have the option of pre-planning and booking the jobs in well advance of their dates or they can also book at the last minute and still be able to find a driver at a competitive rate. The customers will have a complete security of their goods as all our drivers will be registered with us and the local authorities.

We will eventually add the option for the users to give reviews/feedback about the drivers. We will always have a back up plan so in case there is a breakdown of a vehichle, we will have an alternate vehicle available and ready to go. Our customers will have the benefit of being able to book our vehicles from anywhere in the country.

For businesses that require regular logistical services, we will provide them with their personalised accounts where they can book and track local drivers easily. Customers will also be able to give reviews/feedback about the company. We will have 24/7 helpline for our customers in case they have any issues or queries.

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