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What Is Online Trucking?

what is online trucking

Online Trucking is the first logistics company in Pakistan to facilitate the online loading and unloading of vehicles through ONLINE TRUCKING APP. Online trucking has been introduced in Pakistan in view of the growing problems of drivers and consumers.

Customers can now book Online Trucks and online pickups at home by calling on our numbers 051-8896580 03132424575. With this facility now you can book a vehicle online without wasting any time and at low fares.

 Looking for a truck Booking App? Use online Trucking

Online trucking offers its customers and drivers alike all the benefits through an online trucking application.

Go to the Play Store now for online trucking users Link: Click Here

Online trucking driver Link: Click Here

Order online loading vehicles from anywhere in Pakistan by downloading the application. While drivers can pick up their jobs online at the same time with the request of the customers. And both customers and drivers can benefit from our online truck booking service in Pakistan.

 How to Use Online Trucking App?

The online tracking app is a unique and convenient application for both users and drivers. Consider the following steps

For users:

Online Trucking App After downloading, create your account from your Android mobile and open the Online Tracking application. And click on the “Book a Vehicle’s” icon and select the vehicle of your choice. Create a job. And publish for bid.

  • For drivers:

Online trucking has introduced a separate online trucking application for users as well as drivers, which is for driver class only. With this, drivers can pick up their jobs online and through our online trucking app they can pick up loads online from anywhere in Pakistan.

Drivers, please consider the following steps.

Create your account after downloading the online trucking app.

Open the online trucking application click on "Search nearby Job" and find the job closest to you. Also, find online loading jobs across Pakistan

Benefits of online truck booking app in Pakistan for transport companies

Companies can better manage their fleets by incorporating online truck booking technologies into their operations. With the use of technology, they can keep track of all the trucks in different locations on a single app…

It is no longer

Necessary to phone the truck driver to inquire about their whereabouts and itinerary. Truck owners may simply track the real-time movement of their trucks with the use of GPS.


GPS provides the driver with the quickest route and assists the driver in arriving at their location swiftly. This also saves time and gasoline, making each trip more efficient in terms of both time and money.

  • Improved transparency

It is frequently impossible for transportation businesses to track or supervise the driver. Truck drivers can be tracked using GPS features on their phones thanks to web technology.


Digitization also enhances price transparency and ensures on-time payments for truckloads over the internet. In the transportation and logistics sector, digital payment modalities will also lead to a uniformity of fares and allow for hassle-free payment methods.

  • Improve transparency in the industry

In the transportation industry, there is a lack of transparency. Although truck aggregators are attempting to close this gap, they are also regulating prices in order to protect clients' interests.

Technology has improved transparency, which helps to develop trust and credibility for both fleet owners and truck aggregators, resulting in increased company growth.


Everyone has easy access to technology and the internet. Customers may have access to the greatest truck rental providers by using online truck booking in Pakistan. This industry is projected to see a boom in sales in the near future…

As a result, consumers can rely on online truck rentals for all of their shipping needs. Online trucking provides numerous advantages for both clients and enterprises. As a result, the best option is to hire a truck online.

Benefits of online truck booking services in Pakistan for customers-

  • Easy to use & time saving

Hiring a truck has never been easier than it is now, thanks to online truck booking in Pakistan. Websites and smartphone apps for truck booking have been made…

More user-friendly.

Customers simply need to open the app and tap to book the vehicle of their choosing in a matter of seconds.

When booking a truck online, nothing is complicated. By entering the load, kind of vehicle, pick-up location, and end location, anyone may hire a truck from anywhere, at any time, using the app or websites…

Additionally, sending products using an online truck booking platform saves time. You only need to reserve the vehicle and specify the pickup location;

The truck driver!

Will be aware of the area thanks to the app's GPS feature and will not waste time rambling about aimlessly.

Customers also do not have to travel to the transporter's office, wasting significant time that they can now simply save by booking from the comfort of their own home or business.

  • Easy access to transportation records

One of the most significant advantages of using a truck booking app or website is that one may keep track of their transportation history or records on their computer, including the booking date, departure date, delivery date, and other crucial facts.

As a result, there is no need to keep a file to keep track of these records. It also aids in the reduction of paper usage. The customer can view the details of their account with a…

Single Click

Regardless of how old or recent information they wish to see. They only need to enter the date and the rest of the information will appear on their screen.

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