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Features off Online Trucking Truck booking service app


The online trucking truck booking app is the most recent solution developed by Online Trucking in order to ease society's problems and tasks by bringing to market a comprehensive end-to-end trucking service app for all parties troubled.

Transparency, visibility, trust, and tracking are just a few of the concerns that need to be addressed. Online Trucking has a unique way to address all of these issues in one fell swoop!

The customer, the carrier, and the driver are the three key players involved in the process, and Online Trucking provides three apps for each of them. Let's look at how internet trucking helps each of them navigate the digital revolution that its logistics service app has ushered in.

Easy to use & time saving

Hiring a truck has never been easier than it is now, thanks to online truck booking in Pakistan. Websites and smartphone apps for truck booking have been made more user-friendly. Customers simply need to open the app and tap to book the vehicle of their choosing in a matter of seconds.

When booking a truck online, nothing is complicated. By entering the load, kind of vehicle, pick-up location, and end location, anyone may hire a truck from anywhere, at any time, using the app or websites additionally, sending products using an online truck booking platform saves time.

You only need to reserve the vehicle and specify the pickup location; the truck driver! Will be aware of the area thanks to the app's GPS feature and will not waste time rambling about aimlessly.

Customers also do not have to travel to the transporter's office, wasting significant time that they can now simply save by booking from the comfort of their own home or business.

Real-Time Order Tracking and Tracing

Visibility is another critical requirement for both customers and transporters. The consumer must be informed as to where their order is and when they might expect it. The transporter must keep track of its drivers and vehicles at all times.

The customer and transporter may both view the actual location of the driver in real-time using GPS tracking, and are also presented with a timeline of order status updates as the driver logs their delivery milestones, thanks to the truck booking service app.

This logging is also done in-app, at the touch of a button, so that everyone is aware of what is going on at all times.

Easy access to transportation records

One of the most significant benefits of using a truck booking app or website is that it allows you to keep track of your transportation history or records on your computer, including the booking date, departure date, delivery date, and other important details.

As a result, you won't need to keep a file to keep track of these records. It also helps to reduce the amount of paper used. The customer can examine their account details with a single click, regardless of how old or recent the information is.

Only the date must be entered, and the rest of the information will appear on their screen.

Multiple Payment Methods

The online trucking app is dedicated to providing you with even more convenience: by allowing you to use numerous payment ways, you may be able to start, monitor, and complete an order without ever leaving your home.

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