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Vehicle Booking with Online Trucking

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If the correct kind of assistance is available, moving from one location to another can be a breeze. At Online Trucking, we provide a wide range of moving services aimed at making your relocation as simple and painless as possible. We not only provide comprehensive moving services, but we also rent automobiles to make transporting your belongings from one area to another as simple as possible.

Our cars can be rented for local, domestic, and international freight transportation, providing complete peace of mind while ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination in the shortest time feasible. Depending on the capacity and travel requirements of your items, we have a variety of vehicles to pick from. Our well-kept moving fleet includes the following vehicles:

  1. Suzuki:
  2. Shehzore:
  3. Mazda:
  4. Dump truck:
  5. Loader Rickshaw:
  6. Containers:


Our Suzuki vehicles are the ideal choice for your restricted moving needs, with plenty of capacity for little objects and commodities and the ability to travel to difficult-to-reach locations. Any day of the week, you can hire our Suzuki with or without the labour needed to transport your belongings for a minimal fee.


Shehzore trucks are great for transporting big items or a large amount of cargo to another site. Our Shehzore fleet, which is only a phone call away, can help you move bulk or all of your belongings to a new address in one go.


Our Mazda fleet is the ideal alternative to choose when transferring your goods to a long-distance location, with the potential to handle weight up to 0.6 tonne. Our personal automobiles can be leased, and our expert drivers will deliver your items in the most secure and expedient manner possible, without causing you any inconvenience.

Dump truck:

Dump trucks, also known as dumpers, transport commodities like dirt, sand, gravel, demolition waste, coal, bricks, and stone. They have hydraulic ramps that lift the front of the truck, allowing material from the load to be deposited. They're also known as tippers.

Loader Rickshaw:

Loader Rickshaw is the most common transportation medium used for the transport of goods within the city. Most people move within the city so they can avail loader rickshaw for goods transport. The loader rickshaw will cost cheaply to the customers and your removal job will also be done. The online trucking app is the only application in Pakistan that facilitates customers with a variety of transport options. Therefore, if anyone is moving within the city, they can book a loader rickshaw and be in peace of mind.


A lot of items must be carried from one spot to another when transferring your home or office to another city, and as inconvenient as it may seem, it can be done properly by picking the right choice for carrying your goods to the new location. We offer container vehicles that transport your goods safely to the ultimate drop point, according to the diverse needs of our customers.

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