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Online trucking is a dynamic platform for the users who wants to move, load or deliver their goods from one place to another. With our services, every driver can double their income by taking bookings. We provide a safe, reliable, cost effective transport to every customer. Our aim is to ensure our customer and driver satisfaction as well.

The idea of Online Trucking came from the fast and rising trends of logistic industry worldwide especially United Kingdom. Trucking and logistic industry of Pakistan is incompetent and scrappy and is getting worse day by day. The reason in the failure of this industry is lack of awareness, defective infrastructures of roads, and our markets not being fully integrated. Online Trucking aims to build ways of transportation accessible, fast, flexible and reliable for every customer and driver.

As the world is going towards digitalization, we thought to bring something new in this industry with our application and website that can work in customers’ and drivers’ satisfaction. Every driver will be able to get a booking daily and can easily search for a new booking after completing one. He can also book a job well in advance. We have developed a smart app where the drivers do not have to go stand at the local Addas and look for jobs. They can simply sit in the comfort of their homes and be able to pick the jobs up from one screen. They can pick a job up at one simple click from anywhere in the country.

Even car owners can also get themselves registered with us and can pick small items that needs to be delivered anywhere. In today’s fast world, our only priority is to save time and money of every customer and provide them a flexible, fast, reliable and cost-effective services.

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ONLINE TRUCKING, is an all in one app/Website for transportation, logistics, and cash on delivery payments.


Our driving partners are licensed with verified, 100% legal documents and details.


We are always there for you at every step of the way through our customer support centre.


For the saftey of our customers, all of our drivers will be registered and we will have all their required information and documents in our database at all times. We will have trackers installed on our vehicles so we will have the ability to keep an eye on them all the time. Customers will have the luxury of being able to check how far is the driver and the estimated time of arrival/departure. Our prices will be very competitive according to the prices in the market. Customers will have the option to pay by a variety of means including bank card, easy-paisa, Jazz app and Upaisa.

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